Technical debt can kill developer productivity and make developing new features and using new technologies extremely difficult and risky. With this FREE email course we will arm you with everything you need to break down your technical debt and identify what you should be fixing right now.

Dealing With Technical Debt

There can be a lot of confusion when people talk about tech debt. In this part we discuss exactly what we mean by technical debt.

What is Technical Debt?

Part 1

Learn how to identify, prioritize, and fix your technical debt

In this part, we discuss how not all technical debt is created equal and break down the different types of techincal debt.

Understanding Technical Debt

Part 2

In this part we present a framework for measuring and quantifying technical debt in your projects.

Measuring Technical Debt

Part 3
Armed with a model for quantifying technical debt, we conclude with a strategy you can use to fixing your most critical technical debt.

Dealing With Technical Debt

Part 4

What’s Inside

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I work with clients day to day developing high performing software systems, I've worked with systems ranging from software for realtime video analysis, to VOIP systems for emergency call handling, to ecommerce solutions processing millions of transactions a day. What I most enjoy is using that experience to mentor and teach other developers how to be at their very best.
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