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Student Comments

Very useful course, good explanation of TDD in Java. I found section on legacy code very interesting.

Gillaume Dunand

I really thought would be insanely boring. It wasn't. 

Sebastian Popa

I really enjoyed working through the exercises. I've been able to apply the concepts to projects I've been working on.

Michelle Zastrow

The presentation of the topic in this course was excellent.


The content of the lessons is great. The concepts are presented clearly, and the walk-throughs make things even more clear.

Nick Hester


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Test Driven Development in Java

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Testing made easy

We know that writing tests as you code can be annoying, but it’s something that most of us agree we really should be doing. To make this easy, and avoid having to remember which libraries to use, how to use them, and have a browser full of tabs just to remember how best to write the […]

Developers in the real world

As part of teaching courses online, and also mentoring devs that I work with, I often get asked about the systems I’ve worked on, designed and developed. I think there is a massive amount of value to be had in going beyond the basics and understanding how other systems are put together. After all, you […]

Test driven development in Java

Firstly, welcome to the new site. We’ve been making a few changes to how we run our courses, and the new site is going to give you access to better content more relevant to support your online learning with us. If you’re one of the many students taking our Java TDD course, then we want to hear […]