Transcript: Software quality and agile

Transcript from the anchor wave Software Quality and Agile

So, in my recent blog posts, and discussions with people, I’ve been talking about technical debt, and I’ve also been talking a bit with people about agile practices, mainly scrum.
How do you see technical debt fitting into an agile process? Time and time again, I’ve seen tech debt fall out of a scrum process. Developers resist addressing tech debt, because it’s hard, because it can be time consuming, in a rush to move the cards across as quickly as they can to deliver on the sprint.
I think with a good solid team, and a solid definition of done created with a view of where the product being developed needs to be, this needn’t happen, but I can’t help feeling that for MOST development teams, we take on a so called agility at the cost of quality.
How do you feel about this? I’d love to hear how you see tech debt, or even just sustainable quality fitting into your dev process.