Weekly developer news – December 1st 2017

So, welcome to the 10th edition of developer news and the 1st of December!

Here are the top 5 for this week:

1 : Reflection & retrospectives

The first article I would like to share is less news as such, but a new article that discusses the importance of retrospectives and making time for personal reflection as part of our work.

With many organisations I work with, I see the typical Scrum sprint being about cramming as much work as we can in before marching headlong in to the next sprint.

I do see teams having retrospectives, but they are hard to get right. It’s also hard for a number of reasons to really participate and get lasting value out of these sessions, especially when they become overly formal.

This article gives a good reminder as to why we should make time to both team and individual reflection.

2: AWS releasing many things!

So item 2 this week as part of Amazon’s AWS:reInvent conference, they announced a whole number of updates to new and existing services.

Some of the notable ones for me include access to EC2 Bare Metal instances, allowing direct access to hardware for applications where this matters as well as AWS Cloud9 IDE, following on from their acquisition of the cloud9 IDE, they announce a new version with deep integration into the AWS stack.

For more details on the other items announced, checkout the AWS new blog here, or a good summary of the changes on TechCrunch.

3 : GDPR for developers

As a developer, you have probably heard the term GDPR mentioned around the office, but perhaps you aren’t sure exactly what it is and what the impact of it will be.

Bozho has a great writeup of exactly what this will mean for the applications that you are working on.

4 : Root access on MacOS without a password

Unless you have been hiding under a rock writing Haskell, you have probably heard of the security issue on MacOS that allows root access without a password.

For those curious about the details of this, and exactly what the bug in the code was that caused this, there is a great article here that takes an in depth look as to how this happened.

5 : Kotlin 1.2 released

To conclude this week, I want to switch track slightly, and mention the Kotlin 1.2 release.

They describe Kotlin 1.2 as a major new release (but not major version number :-). Most interestingly for me is that for full stack developers, it builds on the JavaScript build target introduced in version 1.1 to allow code sharing between back end and front end (where appropriate!).

For me, I work on projects of various sizes, and for some of them, it’s a real advantage to be able to have shared libraries that are multi platform, that can be used on back-end, front-end, and even mobile.

So, that’s it for this week. If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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