Weekly developer news – March 23rd 2018

So, welcome to the next edition of developer news. It’s been an interesting week, with a number of new announcements that I wanted to highlight.

1 : Java 10 Released

Firstly, is as the title suggests, an announcement that Java 10 JDK is now available. You can see the downloads and release notes etc on the massively ugly and painful to navigate Oracle site. Key features to note from this short term release (LTS release is coming in September) are local variable type inference, improvements to garbage collection as well as improvements to system information returned when running in a Docker container.

2 : Magic Leap Creator announced

After much hype, and press coverage, largely due to the sums of money raised as investment, Magic Leap are now allowing developers to get their hands on the first public release of their SDK named Lumin SDK. Their SDK allows development of AR applications using Unity, or Unreal Engine, and provides a number of simulators and tools to make development easier. For me, it’s still a technology I am monitoring rather than actively engaging with, but I’m very excited about the possibilities this kind of technology could enable.

3 : Amazon GameOn SDK

Next is another gaming related SDK. This time from Amazon, with their announcement of their GameOn SDK. This SDK provides AWS based services for managing cross platform gaming features such as leaderboards, and competitions, and looks like an easy way to provide these kind of community focused features.

4 : State of Clojure 2018 Results

Finally for this week, are the results of the annual state of Clojure survey. Clojure is a language I have used on production systems before, and one that I do really like even though the opportunity to use it in production doesn’t come up too often. For the right team though, I think it can be an excellent choice. This year’s survey shows continued use of Clojure and seems to indicate that there is still growing demand for these skills.

So, that’s it for this week.

If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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