Weekly developer news – April 20th 2018

So, welcome to the next edition of developer news. Here are the top items from this week that I think are worth taking a look at.

1 : How Netflix does failover in 7 minutes

First up is a post by Netflix senior engineer Amjith Ramanujam on how they are able to perform a failover in just 7 minutes in the event of an AWS region becoming unavailable. Netflix are always very good about sharing how they manage their massive infrastructure, and maintain great availability. It’s always good to see companies publishing this kind of insight.

2 : ReactOS 0.4.8 release

Next, is an announcement from the ReactOS team, on a new release 0.4.8. If you haven’t heard of ReactOS, not to be confused with ReactJS of course, it’s an open source re-implementation of MS Windows. This release has a number of improvements including experimental Vista and Windows 7/10 support.

This is an interesting project I like to monitor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a massive open source undertaking to provide a Windows compatible operating system. There are a number of interesting lessons about reverse engineering, and also a number of interesting decisions on whether to port functionality as it is in Windows, and interesting to see where there can be improvements.

For me, it’s not a project I have need to make use of as such, but see the development of it as something I can certainly learn from.

3 : Microsoft builds it’s own customised Linux kernel

Next is a writeup following a small Microsoft press event announcing a new secure IoT product line, Azure Sphere. Whilst the details of this are interesting and may be worth experimenting with, the main point of interest for me here, is that for the first time ever, they have decided to launch a custom Linux kernel and distribution, because it is best suited to the task at hand.

4 : Hyperledger project makes bug bounty program public

Next up is the open-source blockchain project Hyperledger, announcing that they have now made their bug bounty program public. Whilst I think blockchain as a technology is like many others certainly over hyped, I think there are genuine use cases, and it’s a technology that will see development. So, if it’s a technology you have been interested in getting to grips with, maybe this program could be motivation for you to get started.

So, that’s it for this week.

If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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