Weekly developer news – May 18th 2018

So, welcome to the next edition of developer news, the place where I try to narrow down the week’s tech news to the top few items that I think are worth checking out if you are like me, a professional software developing striving to improve.

Here are the top items from this week that I think are worth taking a look at.

1 : Psychology of Code Readability

First up is a medium article offering a perspective on the psychology of code readability. I’m a big believer in reading code and producing readable code. I think that both are hard, and both are not something we do enough of, so any insight that can help improve this is certainly welcome.

2 : Ron Jeffries on Agile

Next, is a blog post by Ron Jeffries titled Developers Should Abandon Agile. This is the big A kind of Agile. The named thing, be it Scrum, or something else, that people cling on to, looking to avoid the hard work and be told what to do without a care for the principles of agile. I think it’s worth reading this article, and thinking about the principles you bring to software development.

3 : Stuxnet in detail

Finally for this week is a Quora answer by John Byrd to the question ‘What is the most sophisticated piece of software ever written?’. His answer is a detailed look at the behaviour of the Stuxnet worm and how it operates. And, he is right, it is a very very sophisticated piece of software.

So, that’s it for this week.

If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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