Weekly developer news – June 29th 2018

So, welcome to the next edition of developer news, the place where I try to narrow down the week’s tech news to the top few items that I think are worth checking out if you are like me, a professional software developing striving to improve.

1 : GitLab moving from Azure to Google Cloud

First up, is a blog post from GitLab describing how they are moving their infrastructure from Azure to Google Cloud. I guess it’s not entirely surprising given the Microsoft GitHub acquisition, but they describe their primary motivation as being related to performance and reliability.

In any case, whatever the motivations, their blog post provides a good description of the differences between the platforms, as well as describes how they plan to go about infrastructure migration in a seamless way. It’s good to see how they rehearse this failover, learn lessons, fix, and repeat. This is a practice I am really keen on, and would love to see more organisations take seriously.

2 : Reusable serverless nanoservices

and other buzzwords! ok, so this next post is one by the BBC’s engineering team describing a re-architecture of one of their Newsround site. It goes into good detail about their new and old tech stack and motivations for their design decisions. Whilst I am wary of such buzzwords, it’s good to see a discussion around stateful vs stateless service design at scale, what that can look like, and what engineering benefits it could bring..

3 : Extracting Super Mario Levels

Finally because I can’t resist a bit of reverse engineering especially where computer games are concerned, here’s a post describing someone working on extracting Super Mario Brothers Levels using Python. Again, the technical details of both the level data as well as the approach to reverse engineering are interesting.

I believe understanding legacy code is a skill that more developers should be encouraged to work on, and find games provide a more fun way of working on that skill. I’m actually working with someone on producing more content around that area, but we have some other material to get through first before we get to that!

So, that’s it for this week.

If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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