Weekly developer news – October 6th 2017

So, welcome to the 2nd edition of developer news!

It’s only the second edition, and I have already broken a rule I established last time. I’ve included 6 items this week, going over my previous limit of 5.

To be honest, I could have included many more items. I don’t know if was just because I had this post in mind, or whether it was a busy week, but it seemed I encountered so many interesting news items, articles, and tutorials this week.

I may mix up some formats if that trend continues, posting a weekly summary here, and a more realtime feed elsewhere, but more on that in another post..

So, without further ado, here we go:

1 : Apple iMac pro announced

Yes, I know, not everyone uses a Mac for development, but to be honest, most developers I encounter seem to.

And even if you don’t, Apple’s announcement demonstrates a seriously capable machine, whether you work on some intensive applications, like spinning up ridiculous numbers of docker containers, regularly perform video editing, or want to get into VR development, this machine seems more than capable.

It sports up to 18 cores of processing power, an all new Radeon Vega graphics card, and up to 128GB of RAM, so should handle most workloads without blinking.

For more details, see their announcement page here.

2: Alibaba Java coding guidelines

Alibaba has open sourced their Java coding guidelines.

I always find it interesting when an organisation does this. It’s an opportunity to both review my own opinion on coding best practices as well as gain an insight into how other organisations approach coding guidelines and code review.

I must say that it’s well structured in that they differentiate between mandatory and recommended practices, but their list is absolutely huge. I find it hard to see how any developer could remember to adhere to all of those guidelines, or review other people’s work against them.

Are coding guidelines something you find useful?

Checkout the full list for yourself on their GitHub repo.

3 : Strangeloop 2017 videos

Videos from the Strangeloop 2017 conference have started to be uploaded to their YouTube channel.

If you aren’t familiar with the conference, it’s a conference covering various programming topics, including languages, databases, distributed systems, and security.

Whilst I have never attended in person, I always find the videos valuable. Some of the talk titles uploaded this year include “Zuul’s Journey to Non-Blocking”, “Keeping Time in Real Systems”, “Reduce: Architecting and scaling a new web app at the NY Times”

4 : Redis 4 planning to add streams

Streams, a concept popularised by Kafka are now on their way to being translated into a Redis 4.2 module. I know many people have looked to Redis as a backend for stream oriented, or event driven systems.

The problem is, without streams, developers have to do extra work to bridge the gap between the list-like data structures and the pub/sub capabilities, often resorting to a mix of technologies to achieve a reliable event driven system and emulate an append only event log.

For more details on the planned work, see this post.

5 : Keybase launches encrypted git

Keybase has announced support for truly private repositories. These are git repositories that offer end to end encryption, so that even Keybase themselves cannot inspect the contents of your repository.

I can imagine for many people who don’t want to support their own git infrastructure, yet don’t feel comfortable uploading company source code, or things like API keys, or other company secrets, this could be worth checking out.

For more details on how this works, take a look at their announcement.

6 : Preview of upcoming PHP 7.2 changes

Kinsta has a really well written and comprehensive article outlining the changes, and impact of changes to be released at the end of November in PHP 7.2.

If you are an active PHP developer, then this article gives a really good hands-on overview of what the changes actually mean.

So, that’s it for this week. If you have any articles, announcements, tutorials, or anything else you think should be included next week, then just drop me an email.

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